About us
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Select from our menu of services to build a public relations plan that works for you.

Traditional Media

We create story ideas and proactively reach out to reporters and editors to tell your story in print, radio and/or television.  We target media outlets that will strategically reach your core audience.  Our clients are regularly featured in national, local and trade publications.

Digital Media

Social media, blogs, video streams and other emerging media technologies are integral to a well-rounded corporate strategy. Social media campaigns, digital branding and marketing, SEO for press release optimization, and campaigns linked to traditional media outlets–our team will relay your message to your target audience.

Community Relations

We encourage our clients to connect, network, and collaborate with targeted business and civic leaders who can advance your global goals. Focused interaction with your community creates a sense of good will that enables your firm to grow locally and, as word spreads, beyond your local market.  There are many worthy causes to invest in locally—let us find and nurture them for you.


Extensive journalistic experience in the entire print domain enables our team members to ghostwrite bylined articles, Q&A interviews, white papers, and marketing and web content.  We contact the client to design a target message, schedule and conduct interviews, crosscheck and verify the information obtained through our own research staff, and generate drafts for the client’s approval before submission.

Crisis Management

A crisis can quickly disable your daily operations if not handled properly and can inflict financial loss while damaging your hard-earned reputation.  The key to reacting to potential or real crisis is to gauge the correct time for a proactive response and mitigate any potential damage.  Let us handle your pre-crisis, crisis, and post-crisis responses.

Event Management

We recommend and manage events that will provide companies with a platform to increase visibility while developing relationships with potential clients and strengthening current ties.  Let us handle your public relations event by developing themes, arranging speakers, locating and securing a venue, and generating customized support materials.