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tips on how to effectively work from home

tips on how to effectively work from home

Working from home has introduced a host of new challenges for companies, their leadership and employees. In times like this, internal communications are just as important as your external communications strategy to maintain a productive and effective team. As we all adjust to working from home, it is important to remember a few key tips for success.

Reassess Team Structures

Make sure to clarify each team member’s roles and responsibilities. In a remote environment, communication between teams is more important than ever. Consider adapting to smaller, cross-functional teams instead of a rigid top-down approach.

Create New Expectations for Leaders

A lack of direction and isolation can cause a decline in morale and performance, so leadership should clearly communicate milestones and expectations to each team. Remind leaders to clarify priorities, and promote new ways to connect and communicate as a team.

Use Technology

Now is a great time to use communication and collaboration  tools, such as Slack, Zoom, Google Hangouts and more, to streamline meetings and internal communication. Hosting daily or weekly video conferences can help your team stay connected, and document sharing/group collaboration tools, like Google Drive or OneDrive, make projects more efficient.

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