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Social Media Crisis Management

Social Media Crisis Management

In the age of social media, one wrong tweet or misguided Facebook post can spiral into a social media-related public relations crisis. In the age where brands are being closely watched by their most loyal followers (i.e.: customers), it is utterly critical that a company tackles the crisis head-on. Remaining quiet means the social media crisis may singlehandedly tarnish the brand and reduce credibility with its clients and other stakeholders.

Brands should approach their customers as rational adults with the intention of seeking forgiveness while developing a statement. To do that, it is first important to provide a frank recognition of the situation, accompanied by a heartfelt apology, and then a determination to change. Brands must show that they are completely aware of what they have done and understand how it can affect the feelings of their clients.

If the message is posted on the social media platforms of the brand, professionals may want to track the responses of their supporters and other users of social media to measure whether the response achieved its short-term goal.

Most importantly, brands need to follow up with their commitments. Consider the time earlier this year when a well-known American multinational chain of coffeehouses closed its doors for a full day so that employees could be trained on customer service training and racial sensitivity. The action reinforces a commitment to learn from mistakes and improve.

About Top of Mind

Top of Mind PR is an award-winning boutique South Florida public relations firm with vast experience across the United States and the Americas in top-tier newsrooms, broadcast studios, social media agencies, and public relations firms. The firm prides itself on staying up-to-date on federal, state, and local issues that matter to our clients, attentive to conflicts of interest, acutely mindful of the time pressures of its customers, and, most importantly, committed to keeping our clients top of mind with their audience.

Through traditional media, social media and e-marketing, our firm positions businesses as market leaders. Our initiatives are always aligned with our client’s business development goals.

We are available for a free consultation. Don’t be the best kept secret in town! Contact us at info@topofmind-pr.com for more information on our Miami PR firm.

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