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Perfect Your Pitch Email

Perfect Your Pitch Email

A quick search on Google regarding “PR fails” will likely lead to plenty of results showing a PR faux pas, sometimes leading to a flood of negative social media responses. In most situations, with diligence, attention to detail, and common sense, the mistakes that result in an unwanted shout out on social media may be prevented.

When you only have a few brief paragraphs to catch a journalist’s attention, no mistake is minimal or trivial. By preventing those common faults, pitches have fewer risks of going awry.

The subject line presents the initial opportunity to stand out in an inbox full of emails. Sensationalizing or making false claims in your subject line may spur the journalist to click the email. However, if the content of your pitch fails to support the claim, then the story and the journalist’s interest will likely cease there. If it sounds like clickbait, your pitch has little odds of succeeding.

Your email is likely one of hundreds. For chit chat, a pitch email is not ideal. Present the perspective of the story, why it deserves media attention, and why it’s worthwhile to the audience in the most effectively succinct way possible.

Research is fundamental. Understanding a journalist begins by doing social media legwork. Pay meticulous attention to their writing and what’s being covered. What do they concentrate on? There is more to a sports journalist. What if they concentrate on a sport like basketball but your pitch revolves around professional golf? Research results in compelling pitches.

This update is by Top of Mind, a Miami PR firm. We are a seasoned team with vast experience across the United States and the Americas in top-tier newsrooms, broadcast studios, social media agencies, and public relations firms. We are committed to being educated and up-to-date on federal, state, and local legal issues, attentive to conflicts of interest, acutely mindful of the time pressures of our customers, and, most critically, vigilant in showcasing the importance of putting you as the top of mind. Please call 305-726-5848 for more information on our South Florida public relations firm.

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